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Truth Anchor Finally Has a Show Home!

Eric Odom
Written by Eric Odom

Hi all,

Eric Odom here with and For those who don’t know I’m the digital architect behind this site/network,,, and I’ve been involved in liberty movement activism for a solid decade and a half, and I’ve been working in the news industry since 2010.

And now I get to announce that my previously unstructured, loosely scheduled, posted-all-over-the-place audio/video broadcasts finally have a home! Not only that, Truth Anchor (my show as you probably gathered by now) is the maiden bonafide show introduced into the new Real America TV network.

This is extremely exciting for me and I very much looking forward to digging in. I’ve worked on launching Truth Anchor for more than a year now. I started tinkering with it in late 2014, doing a broadcast here and there on Blog Talk Radio. I didn’t like the format, however and wasn’t thrilled with BTR in general.

So through my frustrations and busy schedule the project sort of got sidelined. But now that the Real America TV platform helps with a lot of the heavy lifting on the promotion side I think I’ll be able to make this a much more streamlined process so I can focus on the content.

I’ve got a lot of experience in marketing, politics and journalism, so a combination of the three will make up the bulk of my programming. I’m hoping we can project a down-to-earth style of delivery while keeping listeners entertained and constantly slapped with bulky chunks of reality.

So it’s official. Truth Anchor is going live as the first official show on Grassfire’s Real America TV network!

The first broadcast will take place at 3:00 PM central on Friday, January 13th, 2017. Bookmark the page and watch for updates. And be sure to tune in this Friday!

-Eric Odom

P.S. we have several more shows launching in the coming days/weeks. And we’re looking for others to join the network. Click here for more information.

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Eric Odom

Eric Odom

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