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Like so many others, you’re probably fed up with what you see in Washington. You’re also likely to have buyers remorse with the people that continue to be put on tickets. You’re also probably wondering what, if anything, can you do to help change things. If that’s the case, then take a moment to hear out what JD Rucker from The Federalist Party has to say in this interview.

What is the Federalist Party?

It’s grassroots at its finest. It’s your neighbor. The lady at the donut shop. The doctor. The trash collector. You see, what separates those with the Federalist Party from others is that the focus isn’t always the golden egg. Sure, they want to win. But, there is an understanding of just where change actually takes place.

Change doesn’t take place in Washington. It happens in your home. At a school board meeting. At a city council meeting. Their hand in the fight, per say, is in your own backyard and in your own communities.

Who’s in charge?

Party structure is with the individual. Yes, there’s leadership within the party. But, the person in charge is you.

On the show, we’ve discussed many times that there are four branches of government. Sadly, many people don’t know that the most powerful branch is We The People. We’re the ones in charge. So what keeps us from getting involved and making a difference? Easy. It’s hard to go up against the big dog.

Republicans and Democrats both think they’re the only ones in the fight. Good for you, bad for them, but that’s not how this works at all.

YOU are the one in charge of your platform and putting it together and making yourself accountable.

What do they stand for?

Simple. And, it can be found within our founding documents!

Life. Liberty. The Pursuit of Happiness. Everything falls under one of these three categories. Plain and simple.

What can you do?

Stay up to date and spread the word. Text FEDERALIST to 53445 to receive the latest party updates.


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