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Exposed: Guess Who Financed Over 50 Anti-Trump Protest Groups (Video)

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Is nothing sacred these days? Are there no issues at all that the Democrats don’t operate using a complete double standard? After all the Democrat whining prior to Election Day about how “dangerous” it was for Donald Trump to even suggest he might not instantly accept the voting results, since Hillary’s defeat, we’ve had what will soon to be three full-months of non-stop excuses for why the far-left shouldn’t have to accept Donald Trump as President of the United States!

First the Democrats blamed Hillary’s loss on “Russian hacking,” then they tried using threats to get electors to change their electoral votes from Trump to Hillary, and every day since it seems like Democrats are complaining about something new. Recently on Inauguration Day, there were “protests” around the country that eventually turned violent and destructive, injuring plenty of innocent people in their paths.

To no one’s surprise, we are now learning that George Soros was the puppet master behind over 50 of said protests. Wow, for a political party that spent so much time whining about Putin influencing the outcome of the 2016 election, Democrats don’t have any problem with a former Nazi sympathizer, George Soros, being such a heavy influence on our elections. Funny how that works right?

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Pardon me… but WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN THE COUNTRY I WAS RASIED IN? Who am I? I’m just a guy who cares.

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