Apply to Join RATV

You’re here so we can assume you’re interested in joining the RATV network as a show host/channel creator. With this in mind please consider the following and then fill out the form below.

  • Members must be able to commit to scheduling at least three episodes/broadcasts/shows per week. These need to be at least 10:00 minutes in length. If they are live the live embed will need to be published on your channel page at time of broadcast. If not live the program should be published at the scheduled time. This is important for marketing purposes. We want to let our audience know when to expect new content!
  • Members must refrain from using excessive profanity, explicit content, slanderous/libelous content or copyrighted content that falls outside of fair use guidelines (this will all be laid out for you if/when an official agreement is forged).
  • Members agree to provide a good faith effort to plug the network when and where possible.
  • Members agree that published content can be reposted elsewhere throughout the Grassfire network with proper credit and sourcing.

Ready to talk? Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you soon.