Are you a podcaster, YouTuber, Vlogger or livestreamer looking for broader reach and a larger audience? Do you believe in the core principles of liberty, free markets and individual independence?

If so, Real America TV’s upcoming network might be a good fit for you. RATV is being developed as a network of shows/personalities/channels managed independently yet integrated here for broader marketing purposes.

Benefits Include:

  • Access to our digital network of nearly 2,000,000 American content consumers
  • Heavy promotion by our network across multiple “sister” platforms
  • You keep 100% of any ad revenue your video/audio broadcasts generate
  • You don’t need to upload content into our platform. You can simply embed your videos from wherever they are originally published.
  • Free ongoing consultation on marketing, promotion and general online audience building best practices
  • More traffic to your content, more views, more revenue and more followers to your social profiles!
  • Select broadcasters will even be able to pipe in and guest live broadcast on our Facebook page of 1.4 million fans!
  • You can continue marketing your content through any other means. In other words, keep doing what you’re doing!

OK, I’m interested… so what’s the catch?

Yes, there is a catch. Not a big one though and it’s a great trade off.

First, we’ll display a banner ad next to your published content here on Real America TV. Of course, this won’t carry over to any other platform or website you publish to. Only your channel page here on the RATV platform.

Second, we ask that you mention us and/or consider plugging our logo somewhere into your videos. Not a requirement but hey… what goes around comes around, right?

Third, we may repurpose your content elsewhere in our digital ecosystem. We will NEVER edit your content and ALWAYS source it with proper credits, links to your channel and more. We want to promote and help build you up because this is a win-win scenario.

Ready to work together? Let’s talk!